Team Spirit recently installed M-3 & Associates’ new low profile LED, exterior, cargo trailer lights.  The LED lights are only 2″ thick, allowing them to be almost completely within the wall of the trailer.  Only a thin bezel frames the light on the inside of the trailer.  They have tilt capability to put the light where you need it.

The LED light emits 4500 lumens, equivalent the 500 Watt Halogen lights currently used.  The aluminum, powder coated, flush mount box gives the trailer a sleek, professional look.  The low current draw of only 0.45 amps at 110VAC per light, leaves plenty of generator power for your other accessories.

The LED, exterior, cargo trailer lights are available in both 110 VAC and 12 VDC models.  The 12 VDC models can be run direct;y from the tow vehicle for hours, no generator required.

To learn more about these LED lights please contact M-3 & Associates at 574-294-3988 or

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