Look no further than the selection of galvanized HVAC parts at M-3 & Associates Inc. to find the replacement or additional parts you need to get your heat or air conditioning blowing.

We carry many of the most common fittings, adapters and registers to work with your existing HVAC ductwork system. Made of high quality galvanized metal, these heating and air conditioner replacement parts are built to last and provide peace of mind that your repairs will keep for many years to come.

We also specialize in custom cut and designed pieces for unconventional or unique needs. Utilizing our state-of-the-art Solid Works CAD/CAM software, we can accommodate a wide variety of custom metal parts that are guaranteed to fit the exact specifications and dimensions you need. Whether residential or commercial, or even for your recreational vehicle use, our breadth of options is limitless.

For more information on our heating and air conditioning parts or help with a unique order, contact M-3 & Associates today by calling 574-294-3988 or send an email to sales@m3assoc.com.